Vacant Home Staging

Key rooms chosen by client in a vacant home will be fully staged with furniture, accessories, and accents provided by Infinite Design.

Owner Occupied Staging

By utilizing existing items already purchased throughout the home, Infinite Design will rearrange, reorganize, and declutter key rooms chosen by client.

DIY Staging

Perfect for the homeowner that is willing to do all the work! Infinite Design will provide an in-home consultation that provides a complete list of tasks needed to make your home show ready.


For those overwhelmed by areas in the home that lack organization, this package is for you! Whether it is one problem area or your entire home, Infinite Design will work with you to purge and de-clutter, then create more efficient locations and systems for your items while maximizing your current space. A plan of action will be created including organizing accessories to purchase, as well as donating unneeded items.

Holiday Staging

This package can alleviate the stress of the holidays by decorating your entire home for Christmas, (or any holiday) or just a few key places such as your Christmas tree, mantel, or stairs. This package can range from utilizing decorations already purchased by the owner, to purchasing an entire new theme.

Special Event Preparation

Having a dinner party and need an organizer to clear the clutter, decorate, and setup for the party? This package offers an extra set of eyes for a beautifully organized party and an extra pair of hands to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed for that special event in your home.